Snjór á himnum - Bryndís Hrönn Ragnarsdóttir
Composed for Music Lovers, to Refresh their Spirits:
Enigma nr.1 (Space):

We are inclined to think that space is a forgone conclusion: ‘You Are Here,’ as it was Newton who won the populist vote in some long forgotten debate between him and Leibniz on the question of space and its relativity (so we can be more secure in our knowledge that space is an unquestionable constant). We know, but we do our best to forget, that scientists and fanatics of all kinds lean on a relational outlook towards it – at least to the extent that the substance of things seem disquietingly unstable. We are haunted by the usefulness of this relativity while devoted to an irrational belief in the presence of all things existing in equal simultaneity.

The conclusion (according wikipedia’s article on space):

Kant rejected the view that space must be either a substance or relation. Instead he came to the conclusion that space and time are not discovered by humans to be objective features of the world, but are part of an unavoidable systematic framework for organizing our experiences.
And there we have it!

Enigma nr. 2 (The Goldberg Variations):

Bach composed the Goldberg Variations “for Music Lovers, to Refresh their Spirits,” which contrasts itself to compositions made for those “desirous of learning,” and thereby sabotaging the commercial success of his sheet music (which was predominated by middle-class amateurs). They are the only words that speak of
Bach’s own enjoyment of the work’s complexity. A variation, on the other hand, is a repetitive composition that thrives on differences between sameness. It has sameness as its substance and produces geometry through its composition.

Enigma nr.3 (The Artist):

The artist has recorded her attempt to learn the Goldberg Variations. It is faltering at first because the artist has never learned to read notes. Instead she attempts her rendition by ear alone. The recording of this process is presented on one side of a space, while on the other side, a recording of the same composition by Glen Gould is presented. The question of origins is problematic because the attempt is an imitation of another rendition while its existence lay in the serial construction of a composition. It is an echo of inner dimensions made of space and filled by variations in sameness.
The work is originally inspired by a conundrum – how it might be possible to make art for the blind. Music and touch are too obvious to really encompass this ideal. What counts instead is an experience that evades the visual perception of space, which tends in any case to focus too much on the limits of what we see instead of its content. The result is the experience of space as a substance – it exists between two propositions of the same thing.

Enigma nr.4 (Substance trapped in Matter):

The Library of the Blind houses an extensive collection of audio books. Each book contains the voice of a reader trapped within the pattern of the tape. The voice of the artist is amongst them. It is a recording of energy spent in the past, but lying dormant for later consumption. The density of it lies somewhere between inexplicable meaningfulness of an art object and antimatter – a heavy sense of existence made up of nothing at all.

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