Geirthrudur Finnbogadottir Hjorvar


A scaled model of the Giza pyramids – or full-size models of their pyramidions (headpieces) – accompanied by mirrors to reflect their construction from different positions.

Along with silkscreen prints of Mata Hari, Haydn and Ramses II on paper, wood and glass – all of who had been subject to post-mortem capitation (by accident, or purposefully by phrenology enthusiasts).

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1 - Models of pyramids constructed in plywood:

  • The Cheops pyramid of Giza
    Dimensions: 1.90 m - height x 3 m - width / base length

  • The Khafre pyramid in Giza
    Dimensions: 1.86 m - height x 2.79 m - width / base length

  • The Menkaure pyramid in Giza
    Dimensions: 0.85 m - height x 1.36 m - width / base length

2 - Prints of heads on paper, wood and glass:

3 - Mirrors: