Geirthrudur Finnbogadottir Hjorvar

Financial Instruments @ UNS - HAFNARHÚS, 720 Bakkagerði, Iceland.
Open everyday, 12-15.
Until the 31st of August.

“Financial Instruments” is the fifth installation of the “Matrix” series ¬– a series that deals with material culture with the aim of exploring different, yet interrelated paradigms of economic reason. Those works have so far have included “Retail,” “Real Estate,” “Accounting” and “Private Property.”
The works in “Financial Instruments” are about the investment sector. Or that is to say, they are about the accelerating rate of abstraction within the investment sector. Or more specifically, how the system of mortgages, and the interest attached to them, are interlinked with human habitation and associated with indexes of speculation. These works are not analytical. Rather, they are playful in their lyrical use of metaphor. And in their attempt to produce visual material to describes the kinds of abstractions that underlie structures within reality – but which tend to remain invisible.