Geirthrudur Finnbogadottir Hjorvar


A schematic diagram to explain the fact that matter is trapped in form.

116 x 95 cm

a) Left-hand side: Aluminum sheet with glossy finish (58 x 95 cm)

The axes of x, y, and z indicate 3 dimension space.

The Ara Pacis

b) Upper right-hand side: Plexiglas (58 x 47.5 cm)

A picture of a matrix that describes concepts as a spatial grid.

It describes how ideology may coordinates which may be manoeuvre in similar ways as how bodies move in space.

c) Lower right-hand side: Plexiglas (58 x 47.5 cm)

This image is another way to describe how matter is caught in form.

It is made by sampling noise from within a sound recording, giving the illusion of water at sunset.