Geirthrudur Finnbogadottir Hjorvar



Sculpture made from iron, mirrors and print on plexiglas.

The print consists of an image of a storefront that announces its intention of liquidating stock. The image is printed on each side of four plates that together form four images in the form a parallelograms. Between those plates are mirrors, which too, take the form of parallelograms.

The mirrors intersect the photographic prints midway. Which means that the image also intersects with itself in the reflection of the mirror. Becomes a double of itself. So as to speak of self-multiplicity. And therefore of self-division too. This composition is not necessarily rational. It is a formal piece. None-the-less, what is import is the intersection of the two surfaces, all of which contain the same image.

The sculpture also stands in front of a print by the same name, “Liquidity” – a concept that means the ease by which one thing may be exchanged for another through the use of currency. This image is created from within the colour code of (dialectical) materialism. It is where pink (“money”) had been placed on a red background (“capital”). And as a matter of consistency, the colour of the “Liquidity” sculpture is matched to the print of the same name. It contains a red support structure on which the image that intersects with itself is mounted. The red structure also supports mirrors that are pink.

The exhibition is supported by Starfslaunasjóður listamanna and Myndlistarsjóður.