Geirthrudur Finnbogadottir Hjorvar



The title of the exhibition - "Double Accounting" - refers to two systems by which to organize the totality of the world along two paths.

The prints on the right side of the exhibition space are organized according to a system built on the procedure of allotting meaning to each of the prime colours as well as black and white and calculating the way that each combination of hues form new concepts built on logical deduction.

In the system of (dialectic) materialism, red stands for “capital” and light blue for “law.” As in natural law or the law of nature. As in the underlying system behind “nature.”

Pink, however, translates as “money” (because it is the immaterial version of "capital.")

Light purple stands in for “intellectual property” as it sits at the intersection between “money” and “law.” As for light green, it stands for “product.” This is because green means “commodity” and a “product” is like the idealised form of a “commodity.” At least to the degree that a “product” is about the idea of consuming more than it is about a sense of material value that would otherwise lie behind it.